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Update on Organization Redesign: Timing of Notifications

Last week, I shared with you details of the enhanced severance package developed as part of the Operational Excellence Organization Redesign Initiative. I remain committed to providing you with an update on the timing of the notifications. It is my hope that this information and the overview of the enhanced severance package will aid in releasing some of the tension held by members of our community and softening the shock of the forthcoming position eliminations.

On Tuesday, March 7, divisional leaders and HR representatives will have a private and confidential conversation with each individual staff member and administrator whose position is being eliminated. Leaders will also meet with staff members and administrators who are moving to central administrative units, as well as those whose job duties or reporting structures are changing.

Approximately 120 staff members and administrators — or about 4 percent of all staff members and administrators employed by SLU — will have their positions eliminated. In addition, we will eliminate 130 staff and administrative positions that are currently vacant as a result of the position control process implemented in November 2015. I am grateful for the thoughtful work over the past year and a half, which has resulted in reducing the number of people who will be involuntarily separated as part of the organizational redesign initiative.

It is important for you to know that students have remained our foremost concern throughout this process. With this in mind, I am also sending an update on the Operational Excellence Program to students today, so that they are informed about the changes taking place.

At SLU, we are called to value the intrinsic dignity of each person. We are committed to treating those who have given so much to SLU and our mission with the utmost respect, dignity, and compassion. Still, this will be a trying and emotional day for all of us at SLU, but it will be especially painful for those who will leave our University. 

I understand that receiving this message is not a welcome start to the weekend, but I hope this weekend provides opportunities to reflect in your own way on the changes before us. Faith and hope are foundational virtues of our broad community. These virtues also play a significant role in the everyday lives of many of us here at SLU, and I invite you to consider how each of us can be supportive of our friends and colleagues during this challenging time. 


Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.