Saint Louis University

Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Nancy Brickhouse Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D.
David Heimburger David Heimburger
Vice president and chief financial officer

Project Coordinators

Eric Armbrecht Eric Armbrecht, Ph.D.
Associate professor and consulting practice director in the Center for Outcomes Research (SLUCOR)
Mickey Luna Mickey Luna, J.D.
Vice president for human resources

Steering Committee Members

Steve Buckner Steve Buckner, Ph.D.
Interim dean of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology
and professor of chemistry
Ron Clark Ron Clark (Class of 2017)
Vice president of finance for the Student Government Association
Ruth Evans Ruth Evans, Ph.D.
Professor of English
David Grabe David Grabe
Assistant vice president and controller
Mark Higgins Mark Higgins, Ph.D.
Dean of the John Cook School of Business
Bill Kauffman Bill Kauffman, J.D.
Vice president and general counsel
Norma Metheny Norma Metheny, Ph.D.
Professor and associate dean of the School of Nursing
Lauren Schwarz Lauren Schwarz, Ph.D.
Assistant professor of psychiatry
Jonathan Smith Jonathan Smith, Ph.D.
Special assistant to the president for diversity and community engagement
April Trees April Trees, Ph.D.
Associate professor and chair of the department of communication
Gary Whitworth Gary Whitworth
Associate dean for finance of the School of Medicine
Douglas Williams Douglas Williams, J.D.
Professor of law and president of the Faculty Senate
Mardell Wilson Mardell Wilson, Ed.D.
Dean of Doisy College of Health Sciences
Cyn Wise Cyn Wise
Corresponding secretary of the Staff Advisory Committee Executive Board

The Steering Committee thanks Jason Turner, Ph.D., for his participation as a committee member between February and May 2016.

The Steering Committee welcomed the participation and contributions of three advisors throughout the diagnostic phase: Clayton Berry (Assistant Vice President for Communications), Ellen Borowiak (Senior Contract Management Specialist and Assistant Project Coordinator), and Stacy Barfield Harrington (Assistant Provost).