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Add Billiken Bucks and Bonus Flex Online!


Click here To Add Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex as a "Guest"


Billiken Bucks & Bonus Flex Account Options:

Billiken BuckThe online service provides students, parents, faculty and staff 24-hour access to campus card accounts. This site allows one to:

-Deposit funds to their accounts (credit/debit card only)
-Check account balances (Billiken Bucks, Meal Plan, Bonus Flex, Faculty/Staff Flex)
-View transaction history

SLU students and faculty/staff can log into their mySLU Portal to access SLU Card/eAccounts.

Faculty Staff Plan LogoWhat is the SLU Faculty and Staff Plan:
The SLU Faculty and Staff Plan's Flex is accepted at all University Dining Service locations on campus.  Faculty and Staff can load funds onto their card and receive a 10% bonus. **These funds never expire. You may close your account at any time by submitting your request in writing.​​​​​​​​​​ Faculty and staff members can log into their mySLU Portal to access SLU Card/eAccounts and add Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex.


Refunds: Complete a withdrawal form to close your Billiken Bucks or Bonus Flex account and you will receive a check for the account balance within two weeks. (Note: Bonus Flex refunds will not include the additional percentage added to the account.) Funds that have been added as a gift or incentive from a University department cannot be refunded. Click here to process a refund online.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Online eAccounts, or your SLU Card, please contact us at: 314-977-3471 or

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