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Aviation Partner Agreements

Saint Louis University’s Parks College has four partner agreements with airlines to ensure that students are getting early exposure to the aviation industry. 

Trans States Signing Ceremony

SLU joined ExpressJet’s Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3), which will provide a clear pathway for students to a career as a pilot at ExpressJet. ExpressJet partners with top universities and flight schools to provide students a highly structured path through school, building hours as a certified flight instructor (CFI), to a career at ExpressJet, and then on to a major airline.   

Also, SLU signed a Pilot Pipeline Program partnership agreement with Envoy Air, part of the American Airlines Group. The program will guarantee students an interview with Envoy upon completion of the flight science program and flight certificates and ratings (CFI, CFII and MEI).

SLU has also signed an Aviation Career Pipeline Interview agreement with Republic Airline that will guarantee participating SLU students an interview with the airline upon completion of the degree program.

SLU was chosen by Trans States Airlines for their Aviators Program. This is another pipeline program that will give participating students and graduates access to training with the airline and give them non-pilot employee badges along with expedited entry to Trans States as a pilot. Further, after building their hours as a CFI and successful completion of the Trans States New Hire Initial Training, participants will be eligible to receive a $10,000 tuition reimbursement.

SLU was also chosen by Mesa Airlines to be a partner in Mesa’s First Officer Cadet Pipeline University Program. Pilots hired at Mesa receive an Airline Transport Pilot type rating at the completion of initial training. Once finished with the First Officer Cadet Pipeline University Program, the graduate can participate in its Career Path Program (CCP) with United Airlines. The CCP is designed to provide qualified current and future United Express pilots at Mesa a clear path to the flight deck with United Airlines. The CCP will both help to attract qualified individuals to staff Mesa’s expanding fleet and retain existing pilots looking to advance to a major airline.