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2015 Graduate Pursues Social Integrity through Professional Success

Brittany Kendrick

Brittany Kendrick

Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Kendrick, Civil Engineering, 2015

Hailing from the SOUTH, SOUTH, side of Chicago, 2015 civil engineering graduate Brittany Kendrick is an intellectual womanist and experienced civil design engineer with a demonstrated history in designing military and civil works projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  After her graduation from SLU, she moved to New York to work for the Corps and to pursue a graduate degree from New York University. 

Since then, Kendrick has demonstrated her values through her work as an engineer.  In 2019, she was nominated and awarded a Certificate of Achievement as Modern-Day Tech Leader at the Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference. This year, she was an essential member to the COVID19 Temporary Hospital Mission sponsored by FEMA. She is skilled in traditional civil engineering standards and practices, yet enhanced with the use of data analytics for decision making processes. Her areas of note proficiency include water quality, flood risk management, design, leadership, data analytics, regulatory, pollution prevention, resource recovery and water resource management.

Beyond her civil design engineering profession, Brittany is a co-founder to two start-ups, Safer-Together and Hydronomy. Safer-Together is a service that seeks to prevent abuse and violent incidents against women on public transportation in NYC. Hydronomy is a solar powered, decentralized atmospheric water generator that addresses both water scarcity and security. Brittany’s more than seven years of specialized experience in water and environmental resources has made her a subject matter expert related to water infrastructure, public utility financing, predictive data analysis, water quality testing and project engineering. She has developed water production devices and spring water distribution systems for a remote village in Bolivia and Peru. Brittany is a recognized recipient of Forbes Women Summit, Forbes 30 under 30, The National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges Scholars and National Science Foundation I-Corp. She has a relentless pursuit in catalyzing social integrity with revolutionary problem solving. 

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