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Parks College Hosts Graduate Student From Spanish Jesuit University

by Liam Stover on 12/12/2019
Cristina Irigoyen

Cristina Irigoyen in McDonnell Douglas Hall

Cristina Irigoyen is a graduate student from the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain doing research at Parks College this semester. Irigoyen completed her undergraduate studies with a double degree in business administration and engineering. After completing her undergraduate degree in 2017, Irigoyen started her master’s degree at the University of Deusto and decided to study abroad during her second year of master’s degree work.

Irigoyen is now working on various projects with Sridhar Condoor, Ph.D., Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at SLU’s Parks College. Her research includes designing and testing mechanical heart valves with software simulation, as well as utilizing a test rig located at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

“I chose to come to Saint Louis University and Parks College for the opportunity to work with Dr. Condoor and his projects in mechanical engineering,” said Irigoyen.

Irigoyen attending and conducting research at SLU’s Parks College is part of a collaboration between Saint Louis University and the University of Deusto - both Jesuit universities. She will be at SLU through the remainder of the fall semester and will return to the University of Deusto for the spring 2020 semester.

“I really wanted the experience of coming to an American university and doing research because it is so different from how we do things in Spain. I love the atmosphere at Parks and SLU and having the ability to meet different people with different degrees and join different clubs. The atmosphere that SLU has is something we don’t have in Spain,” said Irigoyen of her experience at Parks College and Saint Louis University.

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