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New Aircraft for the Department of Aviation Science

New Piper Archer Aircraft

Saint Louis University’s department of aviation science will purchase four new Piper Archer TX (PA28-181) aircraft.  The Archer is a four-place, piston, single-engine flight training aircraft.  These new aircraft will greatly enhance the makeup of the SLU aircraft fleet.  The Archer provides the flight program with a modern and reliable aircraft that will be used for instrument and cross-country flying by the flight students.  Additionally, the aircraft will be equipped as “technically advanced aircraft” (TAA) that will be used for commercial pilot training and certification purposes.

The Archers will be equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 NXi avionics platform.  G1000 NXi equipped-aircraft are rule-compliant with FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency ADS-B requirements, combining to give pilots superior situational awareness tools throughout the terminal and enroute environments.  The Garmin system is backed up by the Aspen Evolution Backup Display system. The Evolution Backup Display is a fully digital, independent flight display system designed to replace mechanical backup instruments used in typical glass panel avionics installations.  Delivery of these new aircraft is expected in Fall 2019. 

 Additionally, the Department of Aviation also purchased three FRASCA reconfigurable Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs). All three AATDs will include GTN-650 GPS, navigational database, ForeFlight iPad interface,  Frasca’s TruVision™ visual system with three channel visual display system, Frasca’s Simplicity™ touch screen Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and will be FAA approved. The devices will be delivered later this year.

 “The new aircraft and new simulators will give our students the advantage of training across multiple different aircraft. While we already recruited our biggest class in recent history, these new training devices and aircraft will ensure that students will want to attend SLU for flight training,” said Steve Magoc, department chair of aviation science.

 The three new Frasca AATDs will be reconfigurable by utilizing Frasca’s Computer Generated Instrument (CGI) technology. The reconfigurable panels incorporate actual instrument bezels with glass, operational indicators, control knobs and switches which are installed over a large LCD screen and can be configured in minutes. The result is a very realistic look with the same tactile feel of an actual aircraft panel. The high level of realism enables the students to transfer a greater amount of learning from the AATD to the aircraft, reduces maintenance and increases the reliability of the AATDS. Frasca has provided reconfigurable devices to many customers over the years, enabling schools to train students to fly a variety of aircraft in one device. These new simulators are expected to arrive any day now.

 “We are thrilled to be able to invest in the future of our aviation department. The new aircraft and simulators will support our flight programs and ultimately help our aviation students on their path to becoming future aviation industry leaders,” said Parks College Dean, Michelle Sabick, Ph.D.         

New Frasca AATD