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Student Spotlight: Jeffrey Au

Jeffrey Au
Biomedical Engineering Senior, Jeffrey Au

Well-rounded Parks student, Jeffrey Au, is set up for success in the biomedical engineering field.

When you want to find him during the school year, it may be difficult to track down Jeffrey Au.  He could be anywhere; in a research lab, at the ice rink, or in several student organization meetings.  This biomedical engineering senior from Affton, MO stays busy.  He is an active member of the Parks Mentoring Collective, a member of the SLU Filipino Student Association and the SLU Vietnamese Student Association, and president of SLU Club Ice Hockey.  He also took the opportunity to study abroad at SLU Madrid for a semester.

In addition to his involvement in extracurriculars, Jeffrey is a standout student academically, maintaining a 3.8+ GPA.  When asked, Au said, “I choose to pursue an education in biomedical engineering because [of] how quickly we see the technology changing our view of health in the world […] Developing innovations, consulting patients about medical options, or continuing research to improve our understanding of medical issues are all avenues I can take after obtaining a BME degree.”  Beyond his classroom work, Au has been a lab assistant for Dr. Koyal Garg since the summer of 2019, contributing to research surrounding volumetric muscle loss and therapies to regenerate healthy muscle tissue.

Au is on track to graduate from the accelerated BS/MS program in 2022. Following graduation, Au hopes to work with athletes.  Be that, as he said, “through medical research, being a team representative, or developing products aimed at better athlete health.” The future for Jeffrey Au is sure to be impactful.