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Student Research at Parks College

At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students enrolled in our engineering programs and aviation studies have the opportunity to team up with professors in order to gets hands-on experience applying the concepts they have been learning in the classroom.

Enrolling in SLU’s Parks College can be a huge benefit for students who want to participate in innovative work that is often featured in industry publications.

Graduate Student Research

Graduate students at Parks College conduct innovative research inside and outside the classroom. Graduate-level coursework involves hands-on experiences that enable our students to put their knowledge into practice. Students conducting thesis and dissertation research are building projects that often have immediate and practical real-life applications.

See Current Graduate Students' Projects 

Undergraduate Student Research

Our undergraduate students have opportunities to work on research through senior design projects and faculty research labs. Undergraduates interested in joining a lab should contact the individual faculty who are conducting research in their area of interest. Undergraduate students who participate in research are more likely to receive favorable admissions decisions for graduate schools, and are more likely to be offered a funded position to stay on at Parks as a graduate student.

Read the profiles below to learn more about some of our undergraduates conducting research.

Danielle McTigue | Biomedical Engineering

Danielle McTigueDanielle McTigue

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Program: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2023

Lab: Tissue Scaffold Lab
Faculty Supervising: Scott Sell, Ph.D.

About Danielle's Research

Danielle is currently working on electrospun scaffolds, which are tissue scaffolds made by nanoscale fibers interconnected by pores. These scaffolds will be used in a microfluidic device, which is a fancy way of saying that we will be able to observe things on a micro-scale easily. The observations in the microfluidic device will be used to determine the effect of sheer stress on osteoblasts, bone creating cells in the body.

I got involved in research my freshman year of college, in Dr. Sell's tissue scaffold lab, and it was an opportunity for me to further my knowledge in chemistry. One of the best experiences I had freshman year was getting experience with MatLab. I will be graduating in May of 2023 with a bachelor's in biomedical engineering with a pre-med. In the future, I plan to attend medical school and use my biomedical engineering background to aid in my medical degree.” 

— Danielle McTigue

Jahnavi Nadella | Biomedical Engineering

Jahnavi NadellaJahnavi Nadella

Hometown: Dublin, OH

Program: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2022

Lab: Soft Tissue Engineering Lab
Faculty Supervising: Silviya Zustiak, Ph.D.

About Jahnavi's Research

In the past, Jahnavi was doing work in the soft tissue engineering lab around working on a microfluidic device to aid in drug testing. Currently, her research involves working with hydrogels and cell culture. She is working with a Ph.D. candidate to develop dual-stiffness hydrogels that can be used for drug testing.

I really enjoy doing research. It allows me to explore concepts that are discussed in my classes and put them to use. Participating in a research lab allows me to connect concepts that are taught in multiple biomedical engineering classes. Another thing I appreciate about doing research is that it allows to me connect with graduate students with similar interests. I can ask them questions about classes and opportunities that are available to me. After graduation, I will be attending Saint Louis University School of Medicine. I hope that my background in biomedical engineering will provide me a unique understanding of topics covered in medical school. In regards to research, I hope to continue participating in research throughout my time in medical school.”

— Jahnavi Nadella

Jackson Woodside-Miller | Aerospace Engineering

Jackson Woodside-MillerJackson Woodside-Miller

Hometown: Union, MO

Program: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2023

Lab: Polysonic Wind Tunnel Lab
Faculty Supervising: Mark McQuilling, Ph.D.

About Jackson's Research

In the polysonic wind tunnel lab, Jackson is helping to conduct research on shockwave boundary layer interactions, as well as flow over turbine airfoils, and most of this research is conducted for aerospace companies.

Personally, I love helping with this research. It is very challenging, yet extremely rewarding. We are solving very tough problems which have never been solved before. I hope to continue this in the future and help improve the knowledge of fluid dynamics. I also hope I can work in the aerospace industry in a fluid dynamic related field, but eventually I would love to get my Ph.D. and teach at a college. Overall, I truly enjoy the research, and I am grateful for the opportunities Park College has provided me."
— Jackson Woodside