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Undergraduate Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is a required component for degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Science from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology.

The curriculum describes the educational experiences that the faculty and administration of the college have identified as being essential for all Parks College students and the methods by which selected academic objectives may be accomplished.

Individual degree programs may require specific courses in order to satisfy core curriculum requirements. We recommend students consult their academic adviser, department chairperson or program director for guidance in choosing core curriculum courses.

Courses for Core Curriculum

Professional Orientation (One total credit hour)

Designed for incoming freshmen, this course provides an orientation to careers in the intended field of study and introduces resources available to students from the department, college and University.

Jesuit Tradition (12 total credit hours)

This portion of the core curriculum is met by taking a three credit-hour course in theology, a three credit-hour course in philosophy or ethics, and an additional six credit hours in humanistic values which should be chosen from philosophy; theology; the social and behavioral sciences including anthropology, communications, communication sciences disorders, criminology and criminal justice, economics, education, political science, psychology, public health, sociology and social work; or the humanities including fine arts, literature, history and foreign language.

Knowledge (16 total credit hours)

This portion of the core curriculum is met by taking a four credit-hour science course with laboratory experience, a three credit-hour mathematics course and additional six credit hours in science or mathematics. Science courses may be selected from astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering science, geology, meteorology and physics.

Communication Skills (Three credit hours)

A three credit-hour written communication course.

Cultural Diversity (Three credit hours)

Cultural diversity courses are chosen from the list of courses provided by the College of Arts and Sciences. You may also satisfy the cultural diversity requirement with an academic semester of study at an institution where the culture is significantly different from your own; however, the credit hours will need to be replaced with an additional humanistic values course. You should always consult with your department chair prior to the semester of study at another institution.

Capstone Experience (Three credit hours)

A senior-level course or sequence of courses providing opportunities for you to use your acquired and accumulated knowledge on a problem, or in a setting, that is representative of those found in your future profession.