Helen McCormack, MBA

Program Coordinator of Admissions
Department of Physician Assistant Education

Helen McCormack


Phone: (314) 977-8648

Allied Health Building
Room 3029
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Master of Business Administration
Saint Louis University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management
University of Missouri-Rolla

I have been with Saint Louis University for almost three years in Admissions for the PA department. Since I have been here, we have moved the admission review process online and now process over 700 applications per year. I also help with other administrative tasks such as planning and executing events like Orientation and Graduation. I help coordinate registration for all cohorts and facilitate room reservation.

Research Interests
Developing, evaluating, presenting and publishing in the area of creative instructional learning and evaluation strategies. Writing and editing textbooks, journal articles and other written works. Participating and conducting research, presentations and publishing in the area of Interdisciplinary Education (IPE). Continuing to develop, evaluate, present and publish in the area of Case by Collaborations (CBCs) in the discipline of Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) and beyond. Assiting CLS students in developing and presenting research projects, particularly those using quantitative research techniques.

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