Saint Louis University

Tuition, Fees and Expenses: Academic Year 2015-2016

The following schedule of tuition, fees, rates and charges for 2015-2016 is based on the latest information available and is subject to change at any time. Post-baccalaureate and graduate education tuition at Saint Louis University varies from SLU undergraduate tuition. For planning purposes, students should anticipate tuition increases for subsequent academic years. Information on post-matriculation withdrawal and tuition and fee refunds (if applicable), may be found on the Student Financial Aid Services website.
1st Year Students Enrolled 2015-16
Fall semester $17,865
Spring semester $17,865
Summer semester $7,730
2nd Year Students Enrolled 2015-16
Fall semester $12,730
Spring semester $6,955
Summer semester $6,955
Fall semester $6,955


(Optional) Mini Residency
Spring semester TBA
ACLS fee, upkeep of BLS $75-100
Anatomy tutoring (optional)


AAPA/MOAPA Student Membership (strongly recommended) $75/$20 (one-time fee) $75 plus $40 annually
Clinical Year Housing Costs*** $1,500 (variable)
Commuter Parking (Hickory East Garage) $220/semester
Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen* $150 plus (variable)
Diagnostic Instruments (start of Semester One) $175-700 (variable)
DCHS IT Fee $30/semester
Graduation Fee $75
Health and Immunization/PPD Updates* $150 plus (variable)
Jackets** (start of semester one) $0-40
Liability Coverage No cost to student
Program Fee (upon acceptance into program; non-refundable) $500
SLU Supplemental Application Fee $45
Student Government Activity Fee $30/semester
Student Technology Fee (personal laptop or tablet plus printer/scanner strongly recommended) $50/semester
Student Union Fee $50/semester
Student Wellness Fee $90/semester
Textbooks/Syllabi (for entire program) $2,000
Tuition Deposit (upon acceptance into program, non-refundable $500 (applied to first semester tuition)
University Health Plan (UHP) Insurance $2,100/calendar year****
*This is variable by student and will depend upon clinical site requirements as well as student insurance coverage, prior immunization record and vaccination/PPD/BLS/titer costs, etc.
**The program provides one white jacket to each student. Additional jackets ~$35-40 each.
***This is based on a six-week rotation blockl out-of-town clinical rotations will have associated housing costs; variable based on the cost of housing, availability of alternate out-of-town housing and location of clinical sites.
****Not all students must pay this cost. However, all students are required to be covered by health insurance and to provide documentation of coverage.
Living Expenses: Students are responsible for their own transportation throughout the program. Living costs vary according to the needs of each student. Rent and other expenses in the St. Louis area can be lower than metropolitan areas in other parts of the country. Rents paid by current students range from ~$600-900 per month.


Parking Expenses
To learn more about Parking at SLU, please visit SLU's Parking and Card Services.

Financial Aid
Information on financial aid, scholarships, withdrawal, tuition and fee refunds may be found on SLU's Student Financial Aid Services website.