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Saint Louis University Political Science Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in political science teaches you to address big questions, such as what makes a government legitimate or what makes up a good society. You'll also learn to address the root causes of global issues such as terrorism, poverty, climate change and war.

Political science students at SLU are prepared to understand political power at all levels: local, national and international. Graduates are truly men and women for others: informed and engaged world citizens and effective leaders able to make positive contributions to society.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Political Science Degree Program

Students in SLU's political science degree program study elections in the United States, economic development and democratization around the world, and diplomacy and globalization, among other topics.

You may also satisfy up to six credit hours of electives through internships SLU's political science department offers in the following areas:
  • Campaign practicum
  • State legislative
  • Overseas fieldwork
  • Foreign service
  • Women leaders
  • Administrative
  • Federal government
  • Political science
  • Research internships

What Can You Do With a Degree in Political Science from SLU? 

Students who graduate from SLU with a degree in political science pursue jobs in government, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, education, law, journalism, diplomacy, survey research and fields related to the promotion of social justice.

An undergraduate degree in political science is also a traditional major for students interested in attending law school or planning a career in politics. (Learn about SLU's School of Law.)  

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