PASE - Our Facility

Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education's continuing medical education courses for surgeons are held in Young Hall, a 105,000 square-foot facility on the campus of Saint Louis University. To view the PASE Brochure Click Here.

Didactic segments are held in our 400-seat auditorium, where facilitators at a master station lead live procedures that are shown in 3D on a 16-by-25 foot screen.

Hands-on cadaver dissections are held in the Zeiss Learning Center, which offers an additional master station with 2D and 3D presentation options, as well as 26 dissection work stations equipped with floor-mounted Zeiss microscopes, compressed air, irrigation, suction and 2D video monitors.

A second lab can be configured with up to eight surgical suites, accommodating large sessions or our dual and multi-track CME courses.

       PASE's laboratory inventory includes:

  • Basic surgical equipment and instrumentation at each station
  • Supplies and personal protective wear/scrubs
  • Autoclave for sterilization
  • LCD Projector
  • Endoscopic systems
  • Lead aprons & thyroid shields
  • Radiolucent tables
  • Specimen/head holders

PASE's cadaver material is provided by the Center for Anatomical Science and Education at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. All specimens are tested serologically for HIV,  and Hepatitis B and C.


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