Saint Louis University


Phase 1: October 2013 - The search committee will work with AGB Search to create a position description/profile for the new president. Input will be sought from across the University, including at two open fora on Monday, Oct. 14.

  • Open Forum for Medical Center Faculty, Staff and Students
    Pitlyk Auditorium in the Learning Resources Center
    10 a.m., Oct. 14

    The SLU Madrid community is invited to participate in this session at
    5 p.m. local time via FUZE video in Room C of San Ignacio Hall.

  • Open Forum for Frost Faculty, Staff and Students
    C.S. Huh Auditorium in the Center for Global Citizenship
    3 p.m., Oct. 14


Phase 2: November, December 2013 and early January 2014 - AGB Search will recruit and interview potential candidates for SLU's presidency. The position description will be posted on all key educational media, and AGB will seek out potential candidates. The committee will begin to select a short list of candidates for further screening. Eight to 10 candidates will be chosen to move onto Phase 3.


Phase 3: Beginning mid-January 2014 - The search committee will conduct face-to-face interviews with the selected candidates. Then, the number of candidates will be narrowed, and further interviews may be conducted as needed. Ultimately, the search committee will pare the list down to approximately three finalists for the presidency. Though the final selection process is still being determined, the goal is for the Board of Trustees to choose the new president in March. It is hoped that SLU's next president will take office near the beginning of SLU's fiscal year in July 2014.