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College Preparatory Program

College Preparatory Program

Because many incarcerated men and women are not immediately prepared for college-level courses the College Preparatory Program prepares them for future college experiences, either by advancing into the A.A. degree program inside the prison or by helping them be ready to enter college upon release. By engaging work that is deeply rooted in the humanities, students in the College Preparatory Program work with SLU faculty members to develop collaborative leaning, study and research skills needed to succeed in the college classroom.

Incarcerated men and women enrolled in the College Preparatory Program take one non-credit class per university semester (two courses annually); the courses offered are in one of four areas: Communication and Technology, Community and Society, Creative Expression, and Well-Being.

Approximately 60 incarcerated students (one cohort in each of three facilities) participate in the College Prep Program.

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