Film Studies (Minor)

Saint Louis University’s film studies minor offers you a basic knowledge of film history and analysis. You’ll examine cinema as it’s reflected in fine and performing arts, communication, contemporary criticism, history, and foreign languages and culture.

This 18-credit-hour program allows you to rediscover film as a recent, yet powerful art form and to gauge its contribution to human cultures.


Required courses:

  • CMM 1400: Film Criticism
  • ENGL 2700: Introduction to Film

Approved electives:

  • CMM/FSTD 2930: Video Production and Design
  • CMM/FSTD 3120: Audio Visual Script Writing
  • CMM/FSTD 4430: Culture, Technology and Communications
  • ENGL/FSTD 3180: Film Narratives
  • ENGL/FSTD 3770: Film and Literature
  • ENGL/FSTD 4090: Screenwriting
  • ENGL/FSTD 4170: American Film History
  • ENGL/FSTD 4180: American Film Genres
  • FR/FSTD 4610: French Cinema I
  • FR/FSTD 4650: French Cinema II
  • GR/FSTD 4350: German Film
  • HIST/FSTD 3600: American History in Film
  • HIST 3930: African Americans in Mass Media
  • IT/FSTD 3200: Italian Cinema
  • SP/FSTD 4370: Spanish American Literature and Films

All students also complete a film studies internship or capstone course.

Internships and Careers

Students who minor in film studies can find careers in fine and performing arts, as well as advertising, journalism, law, digital marketing or web design.

  • James F. Scott, Ph.D., program director
  • Nancy Bell, M.F.A.
  • Vince Casaregola, Ph.D.
  • Mary Gould, Ph.D.
  • Avis Meyer, Ph.D.
  • Jean-Louis Pautrot, Ph.D.
  • Michael Rozbicki, Ph.D.