Information Technology Management

Information technology management courses at Saint Louis University require extensive hands-on projects, teamwork and the use of high-end computer technology. Offered through the John Cook School of Business, you’ll study database management, systems analysis and design, data networking, computer security, graphical user interface and website design. 


Major in Information Technology Management

Our ITM major explores the application of web-based and object-oriented information technologies, and develops the logical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in a continuously changing IT landscape. Certain courses also will offer you hands-on experience with real-world enterprise resource planning software, allowing you to put classroom theory into practice.

SLU’s information technology management concentration requires 18 hours of coursework beyond “ITM 2000: Information Technology with Supply Chains” and “ITM 2010: Enterprise Systems and IT with Supply Chains.” There are nine credit hours of required coursework and another nine hours of electives.

The supporting area in ITM — available to business majors only —  requires 12 credit hours of upper-level courses beyond “ITM 2000: Information Technology with Supply Chains” and “ITM 2010: Enterprise Systems and IT with Supply Chains.”

Highlighted Courses
  • ITM 3100: Program Development Techniques
  • ITM 3300: Database Management Systems
  • ITM 4100: Systems Analysis and Design
  • ITM 3450: Website Design and Development
  • ITM 3500: Information Security Management
  • ITM 3700: Business Analytics and Modeling
  • ITM 3800: Project Management
  • ITM 4500: Web-Based App and Architectures
  • ITM 4910: ITM internship
  • ITM 4900: Enterprise Systems Practicum
  • ACCT 4250: Accounting Information Systems
Internships and Careers

Students who graduate with a concentration in information technology management from SLU have a strong set of skills in problem solving, information utilization and business communication. Possible career paths for someone with an undergraduate degree in IT management include systems analysts, web developers, systems designers, network administrators, database administrators, software engineers and system support specialists.

Students who combine an IT management concentration with a second area of business concentration in accounting, finance, management or marketing may also become technology analysts.

  • Reuven R. Levary, Ph.D.
  • Palash Bera, Ph.D.
  • Sherri Xiaorai Cheng, Ph.D.
  • Mark E. Ferris, Ph.D.
  • Justin Goodson, Ph.D.
  • Kerry Guilliams
  • Donald E. Hardaway, Ph.D.
  • Ik-Whan Kwon, Ph.D.
Tuition and Fees

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Minor in Information Technology Management

SLU’s information technology management minor provides students who are not majoring in business the ability to apply information technology in their own field of study. Fifteen credit hours in information technology management coursework are required. Students must take  “ITM 2000: Introduction to Information Technology Management.”  You’ll then take 12 more credit hours of ITM electives.

Real-World Experience

SAP University Alliance Member

SLU’s John Cook School of Business is a member of the SAP University Alliance. This allows us to offer certain courses with hands-on experience with SAP software, the world’s leading developer of enterprise resource planning software. Students with a workable knowledge of enterprise resource planning using SAP software can obtain the SAP Certificate, awarded by SAP America Inc.