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The Faculty Manual (St. Louis Campus)

The Faculty Manual is a foundational document setting out, in many respects, the role of the faculty in Saint Louis University governance. It also specifies rights, powers, privileges, and responsibilities of faculty.  Insofar as it does so, it is incorporated by reference in all contracts of employment between faculty and the University.  All substantive modifications to University policies and benefits referenced in this Manual may occur only after prior consultation with the Faculty Senate (p.ii).


The Saint Louis University Board of Trustees approved the adoption of all of the 2023 proposed Faculty Manual amendments at its May 5, 2023 meeting. The revised Manual went into effect on that date, becoming the current (2023) edition.  


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Previous Editions of The Faculty Manual

Process for Amendment of The Faculty Manual

The Joint Faculty Senate-Provost Committee on The Faculty Manual coordinates the revision process, including the proposal of revisions, of The Faculty Manual. All proposed amendments are reviewed by and voted upon by the Faculty Senate per the terms of The Faculty Manual.

A multi-step process with opportunities for public comment and review by senators and other faculty is used for amendments to The Faculty Manual. In November 2012, the Faculty Manual Revision Task Force outlined the process which has been in effect since that time. 

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The Joint Faculty Senate-Provost Committee on The Faculty Manual

2022-2023 Membership

Faculty Senate Leadership

  • Terry Tomazic, Faculty Senate President
  • Christine Rollins, Faculty Senate President Elect1

Faculty Representatives Appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee2

  • Julie Birkenmaier, professor, School of Social Work, College for Public Health and Social Justice (term ends May 2023)
  • Kristine L'Ecuyer, associate professor, School of Nursing (term ends May 2024)

Standing Members

  • Miriam Joseph, special assistant to the provost [CHAIR]
  • Jane McHowat, associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (SOM)
  • Danielle Uy, vice president and general counsel

1 Member will be either the Faculty Senate President-Elect or the currently serving Faculty Senate Past President.
2  Faculty representatives serve two-year staggered terms, renewable once.