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Offered by the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice

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Saint Louis University Public Health Degree Overview

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in public health teaches you about health disparities in local, regional, national and international populations. If you choose to major in public health at SLU as an undergraduate, you'll learn why some communities are healthier than others. You'll also explore how to improve preventable differences in well-being.

Undergraduate students in SLU's public health program participate in immersion trips, which give them a greater appreciation of different cultures and health care delivery systems. Public health students at SLU are also encouraged to participate in research opportunities and internships both on and off campus.

SLU's College for Public Health and Social Justice, already exceptional in offering a public health degree for undergraduate students, also offers an accelerated B.S./Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), which allows students to earn a B.S. in public health in four years and an M.P.H. with an additional year of study.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Public Health Program

Students in SLU's undergraduate public health program study global health trends such as epidemic responses, the biological factors of humans and microorganisms and other issues that shape the foundation of public health.

If you choose to major in public health as an undergraduate at SLU, your curriculum will range from history courses such as Origins of the Modern World to biology, calculus, philosophy and ethics. You'll then explore topics such as Global Health and Contemporary Issues in Health Care, and take introductions to biostatistics and epidemiology. SLU also offers a public health degree track for pre-med students.

Social justice and service learning are integrated into SLU's public health curriculum, giving you a chance to the connect the concepts you learn in the classroom with real world experiences and to develop creative solutions to the current challenges facing health care.

What Can You Do With a Public Health Degree from SLU?

A B.S. in public health from Saint Louis University prepares you for entry-level careers with health care nonprofits, community health organizations, and city and state departments of health.

The B.S./M.P.H. option prepares you for mid-level careers with similar organizations, as well as with research groups within academic institutions, national public health organizations and management within clinical care settings. Possible careers in public health include:
  • Working as an epidemiologist to track communicable diseases.
  • Working for a non-governmental organization that designs clean water and sanitation systems in developing countries.
  • Analyzing and developing health policy for a governmental agency or department at the national level.
  • Researching the effect of air pollution on a population's health.

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