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What Does Social Justice Mean to You? Beth Tobo


As part of an ongoing feature, members of our college community reflect on the meaning of social justice for them and their fields.


Beth Tobo

Beth Tobo, a Ph.D. in public health studies candidate

Social justice is a powerful term because in it is captured a possibility of what we can achieve.

The possibility of a level playing field that allows everyone an equal opportunity for health and well-being and for realizing their full potential. The possibility that each person’s value in society is not based on how much they earn or what occupation they hold or the color of their skin. The possibility of celebrating the fact that we’re all fundamentally similar just by virtue of being human, rather than allowing divisive, socially constructed ideas from perpetuating an “us” versus “them” attitude.

Social justice is an ongoing process that demands dedication both to achieve and maintain it...but I remain very hopeful.

This feature was originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of SoJust, the College for Public Health and Social Justice's alumni magazine.