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Juliet Iwelunmor, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor; Behavioral Science and Health Education
College for Public Health and Social Justice

Courses Taught

Global Health Diplomacy and Policy; Global Health and Implementation Science


  • Ph.D., Bio-Behavioral Health with a minor in Demography, Penn State University

Research Interests

Iwelunmor is a global health implementation scientist who conducts research in the areas of global health, implementation science, sustainability science, and social innovations for health. Her current research focuses on the role social innovations and social entrepreneurships can play with fostering sustainable health programs that enhance the health and well-being of young people in low and middle income countries.

Publications and Media Placements

  1. Iwelunmor, J., Blackstone, S., Veira, D., Nwaozuru, U., Airhihenbuwa, C., Munodawafa, D., ... & Ogedegbe, G. (2016). Toward the sustainability of health interventions implemented in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and conceptual framework. Implementation Science, 11(1), 43.

  2. Iwelunmor, J., Newsome, V., & Airhihenbuwa, C. O. (2014). Framing the impact of culture on health: a systematic review of the PEN-3 cultural model and its application in public health research and interventions. Ethnicity & health, 19(1), 20-46.

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Public Health Association
  • Dissemination and Implementation Science

Community Work and Service

Iwelunmor has ongoing community-based projects, including an annual Youth Health Fair in Nigeria; a task-strengthening project in Ghana focused on training community health workers to provide evidence-based hypertension interventions; an adolescent sexual health and empowerment program in Nigeria; and community-based social innovations focused on providing access to low-cost, point-of care health services to people in low and middle income countries.