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Urban Planning and Development Programs

Saint Louis University’s programs in urban planning and development have a legacy of being intimately connected with the local planning community, offering students abundant opportunities to engage in real world challenges and create lasting professional networks before graduating.


Through SLU's urban planning and development programs, you will:

  • Debate and discuss current planning challenges and the driving social, political and economic forces in an intimate classroom environment.
  • Utilize data-driven, systems-based analysis to better understand purposeful urban development, redevelopment and growth management in communities. 
  • Get real-world experience that goes beyond classroom learning and into the field, where you'll learn to be a responsible and ethical public servant.

Explore Your Options

Improve Your Community

SLU’s urban planning and development programs are educating professionals to create vibrant communities that are more livable, equitable, sustainable, and economically viable by engaging the public to create implementable visions for their shared future. Urban planning and development students at Saint Louis University prepare reflective practitioners of planning to deploy sustainable and resilient methods for improving the human condition and the built environment through academic and applied scholarship. 

Get Exceptional Training

Students in SLU's urban planning and development programs will receive a strong background in real estate as well as an emphasis on community and economic development, creating a strong foundation for a career in urban planning.

Using a universally taught planning process, planners at Saint Louis University are trained to think holistically and long-term, mediating the competing interests that shape the development of cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Immerse Yourself in St. Louis

As a student in the urban planning and development programs, you'll study in a city-in-transition. Despite inner-city population decline and regional sluggish growth, the City of St. Louis and the surrounding region are gaining momentum in economic development and addressing social issues, bolstered by a committed and active community.

Now in its third decade, the urban planning and development program has established itself as a crucial anchor in the St. Louis regional planning community by hosting symposia, social events, collaborations, field research, and planning recommendations that engage professionals, educators, students and activists.

As a student in the program, you'll be able to use the local connections of faculty members to build your own networks through assignments, faculty-led introductions, and program-sponsored events.

Find the Career Path for You

Opportunities are vast for students who pursue a degree in urban planning and development. Some planners work for municipalities or counties and coordinate the creation of and implementation of comprehensive or special area plans. Some work for private consulting firms or non-profits that work with governments, communities, and developers to create plans and identify means to achieve their goal. Many planners specialize in transportation planning, community development, economic development, affordable housing, real estate finance, environmentalism, and many related professions.

Real-world experiences and extracurricular opportunities throughout the programs connect student to both private and public job prospects.