Saint Louis University

The department of public safety provides free safety escorts for students, faculty, staff and visitors who want to be accompanied to cars, other buildings or across campus. A walking escort or SLU RIDE vehicle will be dispatched to you, depending on availability, weather conditions, the time of day and your location. Last year, DPS provided 35,000 escorts around SLU's campus.

Request a Safety Escort: (314) 977-RIDE  (314-977-7433)

  1. Call (314) 977-RIDE (314-977-7433) and provide the following information: your name, phone number, location, destination and the number of riders.
  2. Be prepared to show your SLU ID when the escort arrives.

Saturday shuttle service to Parks:

  • Pick-up location: BSC Circle Drive
  • Pickup Times: 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2:00 p.m.
  • Returns are to the BSC Circle Drive at times coinciding with pick-up times

For operating hours during spring and fall semesters, click the following link:

For operating hours during summer break, click the following link:

In addition to the SLU Ride program, the Department of Transportation operates the Billiken Shuttle Service. For relevant information, click the link below, or phone 977-3478 or 977-7128.

The Department of Public Safety employs Saint Louis University students to operate the SLU-RIDE program and to work in the dispatch center.  If you are seeking employment, please click on this link

MetroLink to Campus

If you're coming to campus via the MetroLink light rail, you can arrange for a DPS escort to pick you up from the Grand MetroLink station.  Pick-ups are on the lower level MetroLink platform unless otherwise specified.

To request an escort from the MetroLink station, call (314) 977-RIDE (314-977-7433) from your cell phone.  Also, a SLU escort telephone is located near the exit from the Grand Station platform.  More information about taking MetroLink to SLU.

Taxicab Service

DPS has contracted with area taxicab companies to provide local transportation to students in emergency situations. If a student becomes stranded in St. Louis without any money, he or she should call DPS at (314) 977-3000. DPS dispatchers will ascertain the location of the stranded student. A cab will be sent to the location, and the student will be taken to the DPS office in the Wool Center, where he or she must sign a request form. The charge for the cab service will be billed to his or her student account.

Students who are concerned about driving after consuming alcohol also may use this service.