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Transportation Services operates a few shuttle routes for the convenience of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Beyond these scheduled shuttles, the Department of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness provides a security-focused escort service. It is called SLU Ride. The program provides safety escorts to assure our people can move safely around our campuses and areas adjacent to our campuses, including the MetroLink. Escorts are mostly accomplished via University vehicles, with walking escorts being provided for shorter distances.

SLU Ride is primarily operated and managed by student workers employed by DPSEP. These students operate the vans and also perform the dispatch function. If you are interested in such employment, look for an application on the Safety Escorts and Rides page of the DPSEP website. Actually, student workers in DPSEP provide a variety of services, and a member of DPSEP would discuss the job with you.

Here is some information about using SLU Ride.

To request an escort, call 314-977-RIDE (314-977-7433). SLU Ride operates most of the time, but there will be times it is out of service - this does not mean that security escorts are unavailable. At these times, security escorts will be provided by the Public Safety Officers of our Department. If, when you call the above number, you get a message indicating SLU Ride is not operating, you can press 0 and you will be forwarded to DPSEP dispatchers. You do not have to wait until the message has played through; you can press 0 at any time.

When you call for the escort, provide the following information: your name, phone number, location, destination and the number of riders.

Also, our student workers continuously report the status of SLU Ride on Twitter. You can check on the status of SLU Ride there.

Consult the Safety Escorts and Rides webpage for additional information about transportation.

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