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Sex Offenses

Sexual assault is a crime. The University does not tolerate sexual assault in any form. The wishes of a victim of sexual assault will guide how such incidents are handled.  More information may be found in the University's Sexual Assault Policy (Approved 08/18/2011).

A sex offense is any sexual act directed against another person, forcibly and/or against that person's will; or not forcibly or against that person's will where the victim is incapable of giving consent. Sex offenses include forcible rape, forcible sodomy (oral or anal intercourse), sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling (touching of the private body parts of another person for the purpose of sexual gratification). Sex offenses also include incest and statutory rape.

A minor, a mentally disabled person, or physically incapacitated persons cannot give consent. Valid consent cannot be obtained from a person whose ability to make decisions is substantially impaired by alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants or by mental or physical condition; who is unaware that the sexual activity is being committed (e.g., asleep or passed out); or who is compelled or coerced to grant consent by force, threat of force, deception, or supervisory or disciplinary authority.

It is important to preserve evidence. Evidence can be gathered by trained professionals at a hospital using a rape kit within 96 hours of the assault. Do not shower or bathe, douche or change clothing before undergoing a medical exam or rape kit procedure. Do not smoke. Do not drink liquids or use the rest room before going to the hospital. Do not clean or disturb the physical area in which the assault occurred.

The following individuals or entities across campus have been designated to receive reports of sexual assault:

  • Department of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Dean of Students
  • Residence Hall staff
  • Office of Student Conduct
  • The Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action

Students are strongly encouraged to report incidence of sexual assault. The Department of Public Safety will assist students in contacting appropriate law enforcement authorities:

Department of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

- 314-977-3000
- 911

Counseling, mental health or other services are available to victims of sexual assault:

Student Health and Counseling Center

- 977-2323

For assistance off campus, the following organizations provide relevant services:

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments
Crime Victims Advocacy Center
Legal Advocates for Abused Women
Life Crisis

- 993-2777 (24 hours)
- 652-3623 (24 hours)
- 664-6699
- 647-4357

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