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Center for Neuroscience News and Events

Learn about upcoming events and recent news from Saint Louis University's Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience.

Feature Story

The Future of Neuroscience, for the Service of Humanity in Fall 2020 Grand Rounds Magazine

The Future of Neuroscience

The Future of Neuroscience

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More News from the Center for Neuroscience
  • The Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience was featured in SLU's Research Institute 2021 Annual Impact Report.  On pages 210-211, it describes the Center has brought together researchers from all across the University, and it has provided students with valuable opportunities for hands-on research experience.  It also states the Center as being diverse in focus, addressing chronic pain is a key strength, and brings together experts across fields using multidisciplinary approaches to examine a variety of neurological conditions.
  • The 3rd Annual Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience Research Virtual Symposium was held on Friday, November 19, 2021.  The following individuals were the winners for the poster research presentation competition.  Congratulations all.

    • Post-doctoral Fellow /Staff scientists: Geetika Aggarwal
    • Graduate students: Monica Goodland
    • Undergraduate students: Shalmali Mirajkar
  • Meet A SLU Researcher: Koyal Garg, Ph.D.
    Koyal Garg, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering and has a secondary appointment in the SOM-Pharmacology and Physiology at Saint Louis University. Garg’s research focuses on the enhancement of skeletal muscle regeneration and function following injury, disease, and aging. In her own words, Garg shares why she does what she does, her goals for her research and what it's like working at SLU.
  • Members of The Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience publications featured in the special July/August 2021 issue of "Missouri Medicine."
  • Elizabeth Chiarello, Ph.D., Department of Sociology & Anthropology wrote an opinon editorial for the USA Today on July 23, 2021.
  • Elizabeth Chiarello, Ph.D.,  Department of Sociology & Anthropology was interviewed on July 26, 2021 with St. Louis Public Radio "St. Louis On the Air" about Missouri's $450 Million Opioid Settlement and quoted on 8/4/2021 in Filter about Missouri's Opioid settlement.
  • Elizabeth Chiarello, Ph.D., Department of Sociology & Anthropology joins  KMOX radio,  The Voice of St. Louis, The Charlie Brennan Show with Amy Marxkors, on July 27, 2021,  "SLU Professor Liz Chiarello joins the show to talk about the drug problem in St. Louis."  Also she joined KTRS, The Talk of Saint Louis, "The McGraw Show" on July 28, 2021 titled " Liz Chiarello: Opioid Settlement distribution Not Clear."
  • Dr. Carissa van den Berk Clark, Ph.D., LMSW has been promoted to  "Associate" Professor of Family & Community Medicine.  She is also Deputy Director of SLU AHEC, Outreach Director for ARCHNet, & co-chair of the SLUNasrallahAdvocacy & Outreach Committee.
  • Grant Kolar, Ph.D. publishes blog with AWS titled, "Manage your Digital Microscopy Data using OMERO on AWS."
  • Whitney Postman, Ph.D., interviewed by Shirley Washington on the "The Pulse of St. Louis" television show in July.  Catch the interview titled, "SLU doctor researching cognitive decline in aging African Americans." which discusses her  Cognitive Stimulation Therapy group for African American elders of North St. Louis.
  • Patents by Inventors - Drs. Salvemini, Samson, Yeung, & Yosten
    Patent Title: Methods of treating pain using anti-GPR160 antibodies
    Patent number: 10851378
    Abstract: The disclosure provides methods and compositions for inhibiting pain by administering a GPR160 antagonist to a subject in need thereof. Also provided are methods of using GPR160 antagonists in combination with other pain therapies.
    Date of Patent: December 1, 2020
    Inventors: Daniela Salvemini, Gina L. C. Yosten, Willis K. Samson

    Patent Title:  Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating endometriosis-related infertility
    Patent number: 10877045
    Abstract: Disclosed are methods of diagnosing and treating endometriosis, and in particular, endometriosis-associated infertility.
    Date of Patent: December 29, 2020
    Inventors: Patrick Yeung, Jr., Daniela Salvemini

  • Heather Macarthur, Ph.D. has been awarded the March 2021 CNR Research Award for her proposal titled, "ACE 2 inhibition as a mechanism behind SARS-CoV-2 cognitive impairment" from the Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience.

  • George Grossberg, M.D. was quoted in AARP about lies patients tell their doctors.

  • Brenda Kirchoff, Ph.D., SLU Research Institute has announced her team as one of the five winners of the latest "Big Ideas Competition".
  • Kathryn Braden, a Ph.D. candidate in the Salvemini lab and Associate Member of the Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience, has been awarded financial aid to attend the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress in Amsterdam in August of 2020. Braden will receive complimentarily registration and a stipend for travel to present a poster at the conference.
  • Whitney Postman, Ph.D., and Yan Gai, Ph.D., have received a $75,000 award from SLU's Research Growth Fund (Second Cycle). Their funded project is entitled "Real-Time Ultrasound Intra-Oral Visual Feedback For Adult Acquired Or Degenerative Motor-Speech Disorders." This fund will provide Dr. Postman and Dr. Gai with $75,000 dollars over two years to conduct their research. Dr. Postman's Neuro-Rehabilitation of Language Lab has already purchased a research-grade ultrasound system thanks to a donation from a grateful patient.  
    Learn More About This Proposal and the Research Growth Fund
  • Whitney Postman, Ph.D., (Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders) was named a Memory Care Home Solutions' 2019 Mission Champion at its eighth annual "Swing Into Spring" event May 2. Memory Care Home Solutions is serves as a source for the recruitment of participants in SLU-based research on cognitive decline or in the enlistment of expert consultants who are on the front lines of providing first-rate care to people living with dementia. The award was given in recognition of the partnership between Memory Care Home Solutions and Dr. Postman as a representative of Saint Louis University's Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program to serve local residents living with dementia and, in particular, low-income African American elders through the "Senior Social Group For Brain Health As We Age" in the Ville neighborhood of north St. Louis.
  • A paper from the lab of Andrew Butler, Ph.D., (Department of Pharmacology and Physiology Sciences) entitled "Low plasma adropin concentrations increase risks of weight gain and metabolic dysregulation in response to a high-sugar diet in male nonhuman primates" was selected as "Editor's Pick" by the Journal of Biological Chemistry. About 50 to 100 papers are selected from the more than 6,600 published each year. The paper will be published online in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Recent Publications
  • Singh AK, Mahalingam R, Squillace S, Jacobson KA, Tosh DK, Dharmaraj S, Farr SA, Kavelaars A, Salvemini D, Heijnen CJ: Targeting the A3 adenosine receptor to prevent and reverse chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicities in mice. Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2022, 10:11.
  • Chelsea DeLeon, Kyle Pemberton, Michael Green, Vanja Kalajdzic, Martina Rosato, Fenglian Xu, and Christopher Arnatt, Novel GPER Agonist, CITFA, Increases Neurite Growth in Rat Embryonic (E18) Hippocampal Neurons, ACS Chemical Neuroscience Article ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.1c00811
  • Stealey, Samuel, Mariam Khachani, and Silviya P. Zustiak. 2022. "Adsorption and Sustained Delivery of Small Molecules from Nanosilicate Hydrogel Composites" Pharmaceuticals 15, no. 1: 56.
  • Mukherjee S, Chakraborty M, Ulmasov B, McCommis K, Zhang J, Carpenter D, Msengi EN, Haubner J, Guo C, Pike DP, Ghoshal S, Ford DA, Neuschwander-Tetri BA, Chakraborty A. Pleiotropic actions of IP6K1 mediate hepatic metabolic dysfunction to promote nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis. Mol Metab. 2021 Dec;54:101364.
  • Sheth, Stealey, Morgan,  Zustiak, Microfluidic Chip Device for In Situ Mixing and Fabrication of Hydrogel Microspheres via Michael-Type Addition; Langmuir 2021 37 (40), 11793-11803 DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.1c01739
  • Eric Marin, Shizuka Tomatsu, Rita Khoury,  George T. Grossberg, Sleep disorders in older adults, Current Psychiatry. 2021 March;20(3):30-38 | doi:10.12788/cp.0098
  •  Khoury R, Marx C, Mirgati S, Velury D, Chakkamparambil B, Grossberg GT, AVP-786 as a promising treatment option for Alzheimer's Disease including agitation Expert Opin Pharmacother.  2021 May;22(7):783-795. doi: 10.1080/14656566.2021.1882995. Epub 2021 Feb 26.  PMID: 33615952
  •  Chinnaswamy K, DeMarco DM, Grossberg GT, Doll therapy in dementia: Facts and controversies,  Ann Clin Psychiatry. 2021 Feb;33(1):58-66. doi: 10.12788/acp.0010. PMID: 33125455 
  • Nguyen K, Hoffman H, Chakkamparambil B, Grossberg GT, Evaluation of rivastigmine in Alzheimer's disease,  Neurodegener Dis Manag. 2021 Feb;11(1):35-48. doi: 10.2217/nmt-2020-0052.  Epub 2020 Nov 17. PMID: 33198569
  • Martina Rosato, Brittany Hoelscher, Zhenguo Lin, Chidera Agwu, Fenglian Xu (2021) Transcriptome analysis provides genome annotation and expression profiles in the central nervous system of Lymnaea stagnalis at different ages. BMC Genomics 22 (1): 637. 637. DOI: 10.1186/s12864-021-07946-y
  • Yosten, G.L.C., G.R. Kolar, D. Salvemini, and W.K. Samson. 2021. The Deductive Reasoning Strategy Enables Biomedical Breakthroughs. Mo Med 118:352.
  • Squillace, S., and Salvemini, D., 2021. Nitroxidative stress in pain and opioid-induced adverse effects: therapeutic opportunities. Pain (In press)
  • Salvemini, D. 2021. Center for Neurosciences Responsive to Jesuit Catholic Mission of Saint Louis University. Mo Med 118:325.
  • Doyle, T.M., and D. Salvemini. 2021. Mini-Review: Mitochondrial dysfunction and chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain. Neurosci Lett 760:136087.
  • Doyle, T.M., K. Braden, C.M. Harada, F. Mufti, R.M. Schafer, and D. Salvemini. 2021. Novel Non-Opioid Based Therapeutics for Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Mo Med 118:327.
  • Coppi, E., F. Cherchi, E. Lucarini, C. Ghelardini, F. Pedata, K.A. Jacobson, L. Di Cesare Mannelli, A.M. Pugliese, and D. Salvemini. 2021. Uncovering the Mechanisms of Adenosine Receptor-Mediated Pain Control: Focus on the A(3) Receptor Subtype. Int J Mol Sci 22:7952
  • Samson, W.K., D. Salvemini, and G.L.C. Yosten. 2021. Overcoming Stress, Hunger, and Pain: Cocaine- and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript Peptide's Promise. Endocrinology 162:bqab108
  • Polinski NK, Martinez TN, Gorodinsky A, Gareus R, Sasner M, Herberth, M., Switzer, R., Ahmad, Syed O., Cosden, M., Kandebo, M., Drolet, R., Buckett, P., Shan, W., et al (2021) Decreased glucocerebrosidase activity and substrate accumulation of glycosphingolipids in a novel GBA1 D409V knock-in mouse model. PLOS ONE 16(6): e0252325.
  • Banerjee, S., Ghoshal, S., Girardet, C., DeMars K.,Yang C., Niehoff, M., Nguyen A., Jayanth, P., Hoelscher, A., Xu, F., Banks, W., Hansen, K.,  Zhang, J., Candelario-Jalil E.,  Farr, S., Butler, A. , Adropin correlates with aging-related neuropathology in humans and improves cognitive function in aging mice. npj Aging Mech Dis 7, 23 (2021).
  • Chiarello, E. “Pharmacists Should Treat Patients Who Have Opioid Use Disorders, Not Police Them.” Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2021
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  • Raffin J, de Souto Barreto P, Aggarwal G, Nguyen AD, Morley JE, Li Y, Bateman RJ, Rolland Y, Vellas B, for the MAPT/DSA Group. (2021) Associations between physical activity, blood-based biomarkers of neurodegeneration, and cognition in healthy older adults: The MAPT study. The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. 76(8):1382-1390. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glab094. PMID: 33864068
  • He L, Morley JE, Aggarwal G, Nguyen AD, Vellas B, de Souto Barreto P for the MAPT/DSA Group. (2021) Plasma neurofilament light chain is associated with cognitive decline in non-dementia older adults. Scientific Reports. 11(1), 13394. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-91038-0. PMID: 34183688
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  • Tsegay KB, Adeyemi CM, Gniffke EP, Sather DN, Walker JK, Smith SEP. "A repurposed drug screen identifies compounds that inhibit the binding of the COVID-19 spike protein to ACE2." bioRxiv [Preprint]. 2021 Apr 8:2021.04.08.439071. doi: 10.1101/2021.04.08.439071. PMID: 33851160; PMCID: PMC8043450."
  • Postman, W.A., Rosenthal, S., Thompson, S., Sankey, L., Leisure, K., Ferron, R., Slay, T. & Fischer, M. (2021). "Forging Community Partnerships to Reduce Health Disparities in Low-Income African American Elders of North St. Louis at Risk for Dementia". Journal of the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing, 16(1): 57-67.
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The faculty who are members of the Center for Neuroscience are highly respected and celebrated individuals. Below is a brief selection of recent awards these faculty have received.

Daniel Hawiger, Ph.D. receives award from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

  • Dr. Daniel Hawiger was awarded a new two-year grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to identify relevant biomarkers associated with a specific commitment of T cells toward the early multiple sclerosis disease.

Daniela Salvemini, Ph.D. Awarded Department of Defense Grant

  • Dr. Daniela Salvemini was awarded a grant entitled “Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor Subtype 1: A Novel Target in the Treatment of Chronic Migraine” from the Department of Defense. The funding period is July 1, 2021-June 30, 2025 and the funded amount $1,280,322. 
    Migraine and Post-Traumatic Headache (PTH) are widely prevalent disabling disorders. They are far more prevalent in military service personnel, as they are a common feature of mild traumatic brain injury, where a migraine predisposition is more likely to produce adverse outcomes. Despite their high prevalence there are major gaps in our understanding of their pathobiology. Moreover, our ability to treat the more frequent and chronically disabling forms of migraine and PTH are limited. The objectives of our proposal are to understand the roles of sphingolipids, and in particular S1P, in nociceptive mechanisms involved in the pathobiology of migraine-like headaches and the potential use of S1PR1 antagonists in these conditions.

Sue Farr, Ph.D. Awarded The Benter Foundation Grant

  • Congratulations to Dr. Sue Farr on her award from The Benter Foundation for a grant entitled "Vaccines for the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease".

Colin Flaveny, Ph.D. Awarded R21 Grant

  • The grant is entitled "Targeting Liver-X-Receptor Regulation of Prostate Cancer Immune-Evasion" and is for $416,625 over two years.  Despite the success of the treatment in other tumor types, prostate cancer is notoriously unresponsive to tumor immunotherapy. The overarching goal of Colin's project is to identify an effective way to stimulate immune-mediated destruction of prostate tumors, which will provide a much needed treatment option for patients with late-stage disease.

2019 President's Research Fund Awardees

  • Anutosh Chakraborty, Ph.D., Pharmacological and Physiological Science
  • Sergey Korolev, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Daniel Hawiger, M.D., Ph.D., Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
  • Jinsong Zhang, Ph.D., Pharmacological and Physiological Science

2019 Scholarly Works Award

  • Sergey Korolev, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2019 Senior Faculty Grant Winner Award

  • Daniela Salvemini, Ph.D., Pharmacological and Physiological Science

2019 Thomas C. Westfall Fellowship Award


2019 Thomas C. Westfall Fellowship Award

  • Kathryn Braden-McInerney, graduate student in Dr. Salvemini's Lab