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Saint Louis University Drug Discovery and Development Group

The Saint Louis University Drug Discovery and Development Group (SLU-D3G) is a multidisciplinary association of researchers with a shared interest in drug development. 

Drug development is defined very broadly, encompassing therapeutics such as small molecules, protein drugs, cell-based treatments and gene therapy, as well as enabling technologies such as medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, animal models, and structural and computational biology.

SLU-D3G members have skills that range the full spectrum of what is needed for drug discovery and development, including target identification and validation, primary drug screening, medicinal chemistry optimization of screening hits, pharmacological characterization and optimization of promising compounds, and clinical trials for novel therapeutics. 

Goals of the Drug Discovery and Development Group

The goals of the Saint Louis University Drug Discovery and Development Group are as follows:

  • Bring together SLU researchers from across the university who are conducting drug discovery and development research to share expertise and stimulate ideas. 
  • Expand collaborative drug development projects at SLU.
  • Create opportunities for SLU undergraduate and graduate students to participate in drug development, including projects in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, computational and business development. 
  • Create opportunities for additional translational research efforts with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

New collaborations with researchers within and beyond SLU are always encouraged.

SLU-D3G Resources

Resources are available to members of SLU-D3G and other members of the campus community at the link below. These resources include group meeting notes, funding opportunities and more. 

The SLU-D3G Reference Library is also available below. The Reference Library includes manuals and guides for various aspects of the drug discovery process. There are also lecture notes from seminars presented by members of the SLU-D3G consortium under confidentiality agreements.

Review SLU-D3G Resources

Review the SLU-D3G Reference Library

Groups Using SLU-D3G IP

The Saint Louis University Drug Discovery Group is proud to work alongside a variety of partner organizations. The organizations listed below are a few that are currently using the IP of SLU-DDG.