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Grant and Award Winners

Saint Louis University supports numerous faculty members in research ranging from medicine to liberal arts with annual grants. Look below to see the projects that have received funding recently.

Grant Winners 2023

Science and Engineering President's Research Fund

  • Jenna Gorlewicz, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Evaluation of a Wearable Haptic Device for Guided Grounding
  • Malkanthi Karunananda, Chemistry, Trimetallic Photosensitizers with Earth Abundant Metals 
  • Jason Knouft, Biology, Influence of Thiamine and Its Precursor (HMP) on the Community Composition of Stream Periphyton 

  • Katherine Luking, Psychology, Gender Incongruence and Adolescent Mental Health Trajectories: Investigation of Biopsychosocial Moderators of Adolescent Suicidality and Substance Use Emergence
  • Laurie Shornick, Biology, The effect of Vitamin A deficiency on the immune response to respiratory viral infection
  • Wei Wang, Computer Science, Distributed and Collaborative Frame Verification for Securing SLAM System in Autonomous Vehicles 

School of Medicine President's Research Fund

  • Rajeev Aurora, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology/Pediatrics, Development of a gnotobiotic mouse model to study the effect of breastmilk microbiome on neonatal health 
  • Stephen Ferris, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Developing next-generation dendritic cell cancer vaccines
  • Chien-Jung Lin, Internal Medicine, Extracellular Matrix in Vascular Diseases
  • Andy Nguyen, Internal Medicine-Geriatrics, Progranulin as a Potential Therapeutic Target to Enhance Cognitive Function in Alzheimer's Disease  
  • Kedar Padhye, Orthopedic Surgery, Machine Learning for Implant Classification in Spinal Revision Surgery
  • Krishan Pandey, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Determine the structure of a transient intermediate in retroviral integration pathway 
  • John Tavis, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Engineering tractable HBV polymerase derivatives for structure, mechanism, and drug discovery studies 
  • Victor Tse, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Development of Fusion Loop-Null Live Dengue Viruses to Define Immune Correlates of Protection 

Beaumont Awards

  • Lauren Barlett, Law, Using Human Rights in U.S. State and Federal Courts and with U.S. Policymakers 
  • Douglas Boin, History, Ground-Testing the Results of a SLU-Led, International Geophysical Survey at Ancient Roman Hispellum (Spello, Italy) 
  • Allen Brizee, English, The Saint Louis Story: Learning and Living Racial Justice
  • Monica Eppinger, Law, Territoriality in Ukraine: Unsettled Ground 
  • Christina Garcia, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, Creating a Corpus of Ecuadorian Spanish 
  • Anya Hillery, Health Sciences, Nursing and Public Health (Madrid), From Covid Saviour to the Cure for Cancer: Vaccines, mRNA & the Biotechnology Revolution
  • Pauline Lee, Theological Studies, Play in China: The Trifling, the Wicked, and the Sacred 
  • Henry Ordower, Law, Taxation Law as Hybrid Law
  • Madeline Stenersen, Psychology, Hustle and Health: The impact of health policies on sex worker wellbeing
  • Jintong Tang, Management, The Rise of Populist Discourse and Women Entrepreneurship
  • Clarice Thomas, African American Studies, Writing Home: The Children of Black Southern Migrants in Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Health Research Grant

  • Patrick Corrigan, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Exploring structural and biomechanical mechanisms in adolescents with calcaneal apophysitis 
  • Lauren Draper, Pediatrics, A Qualitative Examination of Risk and Resiliency Factors Associated with Burnout in Pediatric Intensive Care Providers 
  • Kathryn Hanson, Pediatrics, The Effect of Maternal Kangaroo Care on Breastmilk Composition and Quantity 
  • Yi Li, Nutrition and Dietetics, The effects of polyunsaturated fat on obesity via regulation of microRNAs 
  • Gretchen Salsich, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Detecting movement impairments in a real-world environment in women with knee pain: a proof-of concept and feasibility study 
  • Joanne Schneider, School of Nursing, Moving Beyond Suffering: Instrument development and theory testing 
  • Ricardo Wray, Behavioral Science and Health Education, Mosquito Alert STL: Pilot study for implementation and institutionalization 
  • Fenglian Xu, Biology, Studies of progranulin’s neuroprotective effects under hyperglycemic stress 

Grant Winners Throughout the Decades