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Limited Submissions

Saint Louis University's Research Development Group (RDG) manages limited submissions in relation to both federal and foundation opportunities.

Limited submission opportunities are funding opportunities where restrictions are placed by the funder on the number of proposals an institution can submit in relation to that opportunity. Funders place the responsibility of application review and selection on the institution.

One of the principal aims of RDG is to ensure a seamless, transparent and consistent approach that gives all faculty a fair chance while also putting forward the strongest proposal on behalf of SLU.


  1. The RDG posts and regularly updates limited submission opportunities. Faculty can submit preliminary applications to any of these opportunities through OpenWater, an internal application platform where interested applicants complete an abbreviated initial pre-proposal application, often a C.V., and a project description. The RDG also distributes opportunities via internal communications channels.
  2. Where the number of interested applicants for a given opportunity exceeds the number of proposals an institution is permitted to submit, we will conduct an internal competition in which SLU faculty peers, selected based on the opportunity, will review the applications to determine which they consider to be the most competitive. After this process, the RDG will notify successful applicants.
  3. The chosen applicant(s) will then prepare a full proposal to be submitted to the funder in advance of the required deadline.

Please note that, despite the best efforts of the RDG, some limited submission funding opportunities may escape our notice. Any faculty wishing to apply to a limited submission opportunity not listed here should contact the RDG with details of the relevant opportunity.