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Informational materials

The majority of the students who visit us say they first heard about Writing Services from their instructors. We rely on instructors to invite us into your classes, hand out brochures, list our services in your syllabi and to talk about our support services during class.


We are happy to send instructors a set of brochures for their students. Simply call us at 314-977-3484 or email Alex Wulff, director, at Include your campus mail address and the number of brochures you'd like.

Syllabus Statement

Including a blurb about Writing Services in your syllabus is an excellent way to encourage your students to take advantage of all we can offer. Please feel free to copy and paste the section below intro your syllabus:

 University Writing Services

I encourage you to take advantage of the writing services in the Student Success Center; getting feedback benefits writers at all skill levels. Trained writing consultants can help with writing projects, multimedia projects, and oral presentations. University Writing Services offers one-on-one consultations that address everything from brainstorming and developing ideas to crafting strong sentences and documenting sources. For more information, call 314-977-3484 or visit

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