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Minor in Russian and East European Area Studies

Offered by the Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences 

  • Minor in Russian and European Area Studies

Overview: Saint Louis University's minor in Russian and Eastern European Area studies offers interdisciplinary study of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, combining language, literature, history, philosophy, politics and other subjects. Minoring in Russian and European Area studies can prepares you for careers or graduate study in the field. It can also help those from the region understand their heritage, and provides all students an understanding of an important and rapidly changing part of the world.

Curriculum: Russian and European Area studies students at SLU achieve proficiency in Russian and can study other Slavic languages. You will enjoy guest speakers, exhibits and other extracurricular activities focused on Eastern Europe. The program works closely with other units in the University and with community organizations.

Internships: Many opportunities for study, teaching and volunteer work are available in the St. Louis region.

Careers: Students with a minor in Russian and European Area studies from SLU have worked for the NSA, CIA, in military intelligence and at other federal agencies. They also work as teachers of Russian in the United States, as teachers of English in Russia and Eastern Europe, as Slavic librarians, and in business. Others have gone on to graduate study in the field at major universities in the United States and abroad.

Visit the Russian and East European Area Studies page for more information.

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