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Saint Louis University 1996-1997 Theater Season

Anthology (A Collection of Short and Very Short Plays) | She Stoops To ConquerStop The World, I Want To Get Off! | The Member Of The Wedding

Anthology (A Collection of Short and Very Short Plays) by Benard Cummings, Christopher Durang, David Ives, David Mamet, Jane Martin, Marsha Norman, Lynn Nottage, John Pielmeier, Anna Deavere Smith, and Wendy Wasserstein

This production is an eclectic collection of thirteen contemporary American plays by ten different authors. The plays in order are:Lunch With Ginger, The Boy Who Ate The Moon, Limbo / Twilight #2, Desert, The Universal Language, The Book Of Leviticus, DMV Tyrant, Film Crew, 4 a.m., Your Obituary Is A Dance, Poof, The Backers' Audition, and Medea.

She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

At a time when sentimentality was in vogue, playwright Oliver Goldsmith struggled to get his audaciously funny play on to the stage. Critics complained because they felt the play, out of all fashion, contained no moral, yet audiences for more that two hundred years have been delighted by this raucous tumbling of mistaken identity and good natured wit in which a shy young fellow is tripped up in an hilarious game by a woman who will stoop to be his conqueror.

 Stop The World, I Want To Get Off! by Anthony Newley and Leslie Briccusse

This highly imaginative musical by Anthony Newley and Leslie Briccusse puts a simple man's life into the metaphorical center ring of the circus. By turns witty and poignant, the play lets its central character examine many of his most important choices regarding both his family and his career, and contains memorable songs such as Once In A Lifetime and What Kind Of Fool Am I?.

The Member Of The Wedding by Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers adapted her own acclaimed novel for the stage and it has become a classic of the American theatre. A black woman in the south helps guide a motherless young white girl through the painful loneliness of adolesdcence. The New York production in 1950 gave audiences a memorable performance by the distinguished actress Ethel Waters and made a new star out of young Julie Harris.

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