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Saint Louis University Theatre 2006-2007 Season

The Triangle Factory Fire Project | Ruthless! | A Midsummer Night's Dream | Baby With the Bathwater

The Triangle Factory Fire Project by Christopher Piehler, Directed by Tom Martin
Fridays and Saturdays September 29 and 30 & October 6 and 7 @ 8PM
Sunday, October 1 @ 2PM

This creative piece uses eyewitness accounts, court transcripts and other archival material to create a dramatic moment-by-moment retelling of the historic 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York City that caused the death of 146 garment workers, mainly young immigrant girls.

The play documents the social upheaval that followed, culminating in the manslaughter trial of the owners...the outcome of which inspired outrage across the country and set the stage for shaping American labor law for decades to come.

The play paints a heartbreakingly clear picture of a disastrous day in American history and explores the human toll such a tragedy takes on us all.

Ruthless by Joal Phaley, Directed by Millie Garvey
Fridays and Saturdays November 10 and 11 & 17 and 18 -- 8PM
Sunday, November 19 -- 2PM

Eight year-old Tina Denmark will do anything to play Pippi Longstocking in her school musical. Anything including murdering the leading lady!

This aggressive outrageous musical got rave reviews during its long Off-Broadway run which opened with Brittany Spears in the lead role.

Critics call it..."A demented pleasure with cheeky burlesque humor"..."Malicious, delicious and a total joy"...."loaded with campy wit and charm"...."A send-up of every Broadway brat from GYPSY to THE BAD SEED".


A Midsummers Night Dream by William Shakespeare, Directed by Gary Wayne Barker
Fridays and Saturdays February 23 and 24 & March 2 and 3 -- 8PM
Sunday, March 4-- 2PM

The magical story of star-crossed lovers, overly ambitious homespun clowns and misadventures with fairies. The action begins at the court of Theseus of Athens and his new wife, Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. We then move to the mystical forest inhabited by Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the fairies. And of course, Puck. This is one of Shakespeare's most popular and often produced plays.

Baby With The Bathwater by Christopher Durang, Directed by Tom Martin
Fridays and Saturdays April 20 and 21 & 27 and 28 at 8PM
Sunday, April 29 at 2PM

There's bad parents, and then there's John and Helen, the parents at the center of Christopher Durang's Baby with the Bathwater. John and Helen aren't intentionally abusive of their child, they are just clueless about even the most basic things about parenthood. And we are talking basic here. Things like how to determine your baby's gender with a quick look under the diaper. Or that you don't get your baby to stop crying by yelling, "Shut up baby!" Durang's play is an odd little piece, bitingly satiric black comedy, yet still with a purpose and a heart.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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