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Academic Policies

The School for Professional Studies adheres to the University's undergraduate academic catalog for its undergraduate policies and procedures. Find the most current version of SLU policies in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. Graduate students will find the academic policies for graduate students in the Graduate Education Catalog.

SPS Attendance Policy:

Student success in each course will heavily depend on attendance and participation in the classroom. Students are expected to be present for every meeting of the course. If unable to attend a class or late for a class, the student must notify the instructor in advance. The instructor reserves the right to accept or decline an assignment that is turned in late due to the student's absence from class. Unexcused absences may result in failure of the course.


SPS Courtesy Expectations:

Students will treat their classroom obligations as they would treat any serious professional engagement.

That includes:

1) Preparing thoroughly for each session in accordance with the instructor's request;
2) Arriving promptly and remaining until the end of each class meeting;
3) Participating fully and constructively in all classroom activities and discussions;
4) Displaying appropriate courtesy to all involved in the class sessions. Courteous behavior specifically entails communicating in a manner that respects, and is sensitive to, the cultural, religion, sexual and other individual differences in the SLU community;
5) Adhering to deadlines and timetables established by the instructor;
6) Providing constructive feedback to faculty members regarding their performance.

Academic Support:

In recognition that people learn in a variety of ways and that learning is influenced by multiple factors (e.g., prior experience, study skills, learning disability), resources to support student success are available on campus. Students who think they might benefit from these resources can find out more about:

  • Course-level support (e.g., faculty member, departmental resources, etc.) by asking your course instructor.
  • University-level support (e.g., tutoring/writing services, Disability Services) by visiting the Student Success Center (BSC 331) or by going to

Students with a documented disability who wish to request academic accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Services to discuss accommodation requests and eligibility requirements. Please contact Disability Services, located within the Student Success Center, at or 314.977.3484 to schedule an appointment. Confidentiality will be observed in all inquiries. Once approved, information about academic accommodations will be shared with course instructors via email from Disability Services.

Grading Assessment & Academic Integrity Policies:

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Saint Louis University prepares students with the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual foundations for a successful personal and professional life expressed in service to others. Its undergraduate degree programs reflect Saint Louis University's mission and values. The extent to which students achieve these desired outcomes is central to the University's and the School for Professional Studies' mission.

Student outcomes assessment is a continuous process of evaluating achievement expressed through expected competencies including intellectual and spiritual abilities, personal and professional development, and social action. Measurement of outcomes is undertaken regularly and becomes the basis for review of program offerings to ensure a high quality learning experience. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these measurements within their specific degree programs.

Academic integrity is honest, truthful and responsible conduct in all academic endeavors. The mission of Saint Louis University is "the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity." Accordingly, all acts of falsehood demean and compromise the corporate endeavors of teaching, research, health care, and community service via which SLU embodies its mission. The University strives to prepare students for lives of personal and professional integrity, and therefore regards all breaches of academic integrity as matters of serious concern.

The governing University-level Academic Integrity Policy was adopted in Spring 2015, and can be accessed on the Provost's Office website here.

Title IX Syllabus Statement:

Saint Louis University and its faculty are committed to supporting our students and seeking an environment that is free of bias, discrimination, and harassment. If you have encountered any form of sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, domestic or dating violence), we encourage you to report this to the University. If you speak with a faculty member about an incident of misconduct, that faculty member must notify SLU's Title IX coordinator, Anna R. Kratky (DuBourg Hall, room 36;; 314-977-3886) and share the basic fact of your experience with her. The Title IX coordinator will then be available to assist you in understanding all of your options and in connecting you with all possible resources on and off campus.

If you wish to speak with a confidential source, you may contact the counselors at the University Counseling Center at 314-977-TALK. To view SLU's sexual misconduct policy and for resources, click here

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