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OHI approaches organizational health through resource allocation. Though there are many benefits to creating a healthy workplace, one primary way of considering those benefits is by considering the way employees allocate their personal resources of time, energy and money.

Every demand we experience calls for the use of at least one of these limited resources, so every hour we spend meeting one demand leaves one less hour to spend meeting other demands.

As employees, we consider all of the demands we face and then make choices as to where to allocate our time, money and energy. These decisions often times result in a feeling of work-life imbalance.

Organizations can intervene at all stages of the resource allocation process. They can implement programs and practices that bolster employee energy and financial resources, that decrease the number of demands employees experience, and that improve the way employees allocate their time, money and energy.

OHI relies heavily on the psychologically healthy workplace approach advocated by APA.

By providing employees and employers with strategies tailored to their specific industry and worksite, the Organizational Health Initiative works with managers, supervisors and workers to develop strategies that increase productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and physical and mental health. 

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