International Students

As an international student planning to study law at Saint Louis University, financial arrangements must be met before law studies at Saint Louis University begin. Federal aid is not available to international students on a F1 or F2 student visa, J1 or J2 exchange visitor visa or a G series visa. Alternative /private loans for international students are available. Contact the appropriate lenders for specific requirements and qualifications. We do not endorse or recommend any alternative/private loan source over another. It is advisable to read and research the various loans carefully to see which loan best fits your needs. 

Many national and international organizations sponsor international scholarships for students who have the desire to continue their education in the United States. Saint Louis University has compiled a listing of scholarships available to international students. Saint Louis University does not administer these programs and is not responsible for the information provided on the web site, as organizations can change their requirements and deadlines at any time. If interested in applying for a scholarship or loan, contact the organization as early as possible for applications, deadlines and requirements. 

The School of Law has a long-standing commitment to the study and practice of international and comparative law. Through the Center for International and Comparative Law, our faculty and students engage in a wide range of international activities. Contact the Center for International and Comparative Law for information regarding admission into the L.L.M. program. For information regarding admission to the J.D. program, contact the School of Law’s Admissions Office.
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