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Department of Civil, Computer and Electrical Engineering

The Department of Civil, Computer and Electrical Engineering at the Saint Louis University School of Science and Engineering educates undergraduate students in three exciting fields make a positive impact on society and continue to evolve.

Department of Civil, Computer and Electrical Engineering Programs at SLU

  • Civil Engineering, B.S. - Civil engineering students create engineering designs that address economic, social and environmental factors in civil engineering practice. If you major in civil engineering at SLU, you will  learn to solve problems within environmental, transportation, water resources, geotechnical and structural engineering fields.  
  • Computer Engineering, B.S. - Use theory and tools to design solutions for all technology-based devices and systems. SLU’s computer engineering students design embedded systems within robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart cars, gaming consoles and controllers, avionics, autopilots and many other modern devices. 
  • Electrical Engineering, B.S. - Electrical engineers at SLU learn to design the electrical systems that are at the heart of today's technology.  Design, develop and analyze smartphones, tablets, TVs, satellites, cars, airplanes and almost any technological product imaginable.