I want to ...

... submit a question, comment or update to the SLUCare Marketing team.

Email us at slucaremarketing@slu.edu.

... request marketing materials or physician liaison support.

Complete the Marketing Request Form and email to slucaremarketing@slu.edu.

Submissions are reviewed monthly with the Physician Marketing Committee, which reserves the right to prioritize, approve or deny all submitted requests. 

... report a change to my online physician profile.

For updates to education, location, board certification or affiliation in Find a Doctor, please contact the credentialing office at (314) 977-6828.

For all other updates, email slucaremarketing@slu.edu.

... add a biography to my Find a Doctor profile.

Please complete the online Provider Profile Form, and marketing will prepare a bio for you. You will be given an opportunity to make edits.

... report an inaccurate Google listing (practice phone number or address, for example).

Please follow these instructions for requesting a correction from Google.