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MS in Health Data Science

Healthcare needs innovators. You can do it.

Improved quality of life. Diseases cured. Outcomes predicted. Medicine personalized. Countless lives saved. Data is the next frontier of healthcare – it’s advancing our industry every day. Organizations nationwide are seeking qualified individuals to analyze, manage and interpret this information.

Thrive in a growing field with health data science at SLU

Thrive in a growing field with Health Data Science at SLU.

Health Care Listings

More than
3,300 health care job
listings in St. Louis

Data Scientist

Data Scientist:
2016’s #1 Best Job
in America

Average Salary

$93,000 average
salary earned by
Data Scientists

What will I learn?

The program prepares innovators to successfully manage the unique challenges of healthcare data and applications. You’ll take classes in:

  • Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning
  • Programming for Data Sciences
  • High Performance Computing in the Healthcare Industry
  • Foundations of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Communication and Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

Can I work and take classes?

Yes. Starting Fall of 2018, students can choose to take courses entirely online, or choose a hybrid model of part classroom/part online.

Why SLU?

Saint Louis University values academic excellence, life-changing research and compassionate healthcare. For nearly 200 years, the University has gone beyond teaching facts and figures, encouraging students to form ideas and identities.

What are you waiting for?

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