Return to Forever: Kathleen Brodeur ~ Edson Campos


August 25, 2017- December 30, 2017

Exhibition overview

The Saint Louis University Museum of Art is pleased to announce the opening of Return to Forever: Kathleen Brodeur ~ Edson Campos.

Edson Campos and Kathleen Brodeur are a married couple whose artistic styles, techniques, and processes seem at opposite ends of the spectrum. Campos calls himself a Romantic. He references the past as he creates his own allegories by combining the stories from Old Masters' paintings with his own. Although the images in his work seem from a time past, the symbolism relates to contemporary life.

In contrast, Brodeur paints her emotional connection to a memory. She takes photographs during their travels and uses them as references for her paintings. There is a point during her painting process where she becomes removed from the photographic reference and relates only to the painting itself.

Kathleen Brodeur was born in Monroe, Connecticut. Edson Campos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Campos had always admired Kathleen's technique and the painterly texture she created with her palette knife, which contrasts his smooth, flat and polished style. They thought it would be interesting to experiment by combining their styles into a single work of art. Several paintings they created together are included in the exhibition.

In their partnership, Campos and Brodeur inspire each other. Their mutual admiration is motivational and energizes each of them to develop and grow as artists.

Opening Reception

Return to Forever: Kathleen Brodeur ~ Edson Campos, will open on Friday August 25, 2017 at 5pm with an opening reception. The opening reception is free for all to attend.

Brodeur and Campos

For more information on the artwork Kathleen Brodeur and Edson Campos, explore their artistic webpages found below.      


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