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Strategic Planning Process

April 27, 2015

To: University Community

From: SPSC Co-Chairs, Kent Porterfield and Joe Weixlmann

Re: Updated Draft of the Proposed Strategic Plan for Saint Louis University

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, we met with the President and Vice Presidents to review the latest draft of the strategic plan. Overall, their feedback was very positive; they affirmed the materiality of the initiatives, goals, and objectives laid out in the April 17 draft. As we had anticipated, and as all other reviewing parties have done as we have moved through the construction of the planning document, they suggested edits to create greater clarity on a few items, made recommendations to improve consistency and public impact of the presentation, asked that we broaden the language in some of the objective statements to make them more all-encompassing, and requested that a few new objectives be inserted.
Many of the very specific items that appeared in the objective statements in the last draft have now been removed, but will be transitioned to the large pool of possible action items the SPSC had already set aside for the time when the plan will be fully fleshed out beyond objectives to include action steps, with a variety of completion measures attached to them. It is our hope, as well as the President's, that the current document will be received favorably by the Board of Trustees at its May 2 meeting and will conclude this phase of the process. Final approval of the plan, once appropriate action steps and validating metrics have been considered and refined through interaction with the larger SLU community, will be sought at the Board of Trustees meeting in December.

Today, a newly revised draft of the plan is being sent to the campus communities in St. Louis and Madrid, as well as to the Board of Trustees, and posted on the strategic plan webpage Community feedback can be provided on the webpage or by emailing directly to no later than Monday, May 4, so that it may be considered alongside reactions from the Board. On the whole, we believe that reducing the number of specific references in the plan and broadening certain of the objectives may help members of the SLU community to find new and possibly expanded opportunities in the plan's implementation.

We will keep the community informed of the plan's progress in the weeks and months between now and December. The SPSC has, for the past 10 days or so, been going through a process to ensure that every goal and objective generated by a TWG (along with some of the TWG sub-items) not directly or indirectly incorporated into the goals and objectives in the plan be assigned to one of three pools: a) action items, b) policy items, or c) operational items. These assignments will be made public before graduation, after the work of sorting has been completed. It has been, and remains, the SPSC's goal that every item submitted by the TWGs becomes an action step to be considered in the plan, a policy recommendation to be referred to the appropriate University body for consideration, or an item to be examined as an operations issue by the Operations Review Committee or the appropriate University body.

And, again, we thank everyone for their cooperation and patience as the process of plan development unwinds over the summer months and brings us to the point of implementation.

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