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Strategic Planning Structural Elements

SP Coordinator and Staff

Generally: Provide ongoing support to the strategic planning effort.

Specifically: Develops reports, data and drafts for SPSC , SPA and Topical groups, maintains schedule and staffs SPSC and SPA meetings.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)

Specifically: The SPSC conducts the initial discernment process (surveys, town halls) and, in conjunction with the Strategic Planning Assembly (SPA), identifies a limited number of strategic areas that will structure the planning process. It receives topical reports vetted by the SPA and is responsible for determining content and form of the final plan document. All hearings/communications concerning the final plan will be conducted by the SPSC.

Membership: Up to 12 members selected by the President from among members of key constituencies, supplemented by individuals selected to provide specific expertise.

Meets: Semi-monthly or at call of the Co-Chairs.

Advisors to SPC

Generally: Provide specialized support to the SPSC and the planning process.

Specifically: Are available to answer questions concerning their area of expertise and to provide specialized data required by the SPSC and the process.

Strategic Planning Assembly (SPA)

Generally: Receives, reviews, amends and transmits proposed content to SPSC.

Specifically: Using Topical Reference Groups selected from among its membership, the SPA will be responsible for assuring accuracy of data and consistency of strategies, goals and actions proposed by the Topical Working group(s) in the area. The SPA will determine when proposals related to a topic are ready for SPC consideration and will make changes as required by the SPC.

Membership: The SPA membership is made up of the participants in the August 13 launch, augmented as need to assure the SPA is broadly representative.

Meets: Monthly.

Topical Reference Group (TRGs)

Generally: Reviews, comments and recommends Topical Workgroup Products

Specifically: Responsible for assuring accuracy of data and consistency of strategies, goals and actions proposed by the Working group(s) in the topic area.

Membership: Made up of 3-4 SPA members.

Meets: As needed to consider TPG plans and products.

Topical Working Groups (TWGs)

Generally: Develops detailed plan elements in an assigned topic area.

Specifically: Is responsible for developing an entire plan element (strategy, goals, objectives, action steps) for an assigned area. Expected to seek broad input to the process through interviews, focus groups, hearings, etc..

Membership: Variable numbers, with representation determined by topic.

Meets: As needed to complete its tasks.

SLU Community (Faculty, Students, Staff, Alumni)

Generally: Provides the ideas and concepts that become the plan.

Specifically: Participates actively in information-gathering and review of plans as they develop through a variety of ingathering techniques designed to insure participation in, and understanding of, SLU strategies for the future.

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