Saint Louis University

The Planning Principles


SPRING 2015 Draft


The strategic planning process that has led to the creation of this document has been carried out under the assurance that the process will be:

•   Mission-driven, faithful to, and congruent with, our Jesuit heritage and educational values;

•   Open to participation of all who have a stake in SLU's future, and that this participation will be actively sought at every step in development of a strategy for the future;

•   Transparent, assuring that the community will have a clear understanding of the process and of how decisions are made and priorities set;

•   Inclusive, offering individuals and organizations invested in SLU's success multiple opportunities to suggest, promote, and comment upon the strategies developed for the plan;

•   Aspirational, accommodating new ideas and new ways of doing things unconstrained by traditional thinking and entrenched policies and procedures while respecting identified needs and the resources available;

•   Dynamic, recognizing that strategy is constantly reviewed and renewed in the face of a rapidly changing environment, both in academia and the larger society; and

•   Responsive, balancing careful analysis with respectful consideration of the expressed needs and interests of stakeholders.


Higher purpose. Greater good.
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