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Each semester students are expected to meet with their primary advisor to discuss what courses they will take the following semester. For our SSS students we also expect you to meet with your SSS advisor to discuss your academic plan and courses for the upcoming semester. You are welcome to meet with your SSS advisor before or after you meet with your primary advisor (or before and after). We are here to help you better understand the registration process and to make sure you are on track with your academic/graduation plan.

SSS has two worksheets that can help you with your pre-registration meeting and can be used when meeting with your SSS advisor. One is for you to use before you've met with your primary advisor and one is for you to use after you've met with your primary advisor. We also have a worksheet that can help you calculate your GPA for the semester based on what grades you think you'll earn that semester.

Early Registration

Another perk of being part of Student Support Services is that you get to register for classes early. With early registration you are able to register yourself for classes, the Friday before your peers. So, if you are a freshman, you will register the Friday before the rest of your freshmen classmates. For SSS students, your registration PIN (the key to accessing the registration system) will begin with a "6" and will be given to you by your primary advisor.

Determining Registration Classification

Students are able to register based on their classification as a freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior. Your classification is based upon the number of earned credit hours only. Below is a chart of the number of credits required of each class.

Earned credit hours = Registration Class
0-29 credit hours Freshman registration class
30-59 credit hours Sophomore registration class
60-89 credit hours Junior registration class
90-120+ credit hours Senior registration class

You can view the exact dates for when you'll be able to register each semester here on the registrar's website.

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