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Standing Tutoring Appointments
One of the unique services and opportunities available to Student Support Services is Standing Tutoring Appointments. With Standing Tutoring Appointments, students will have a weekly one-hour tutoring session with the same tutor. By having the same tutor at the same day and time each week, it allows for a level of consistency and continuity that can really help the students digest and understand the information in their classes.

So how do you sign up for these Standing Tutoring Appointments? Follow these easy steps:
1. Check out the list of courses that have tutoring available. List of courses
2. Fill out the SSS Standing Appointment Form to request the subject(s) you would like tutoring in. Be sure to list all your available times, not just the time(s) you would prefer. However, make sure you are actually available during the times you provide. Standing Appointment Form

Once you have requested standing tutoring you will receive an email from Melissa Burgess in tutoring services letting you know when your appointments are, or if there is a problem with the courses/times you requested.

Most importantly though, be sure to ATTEND your tutoring appointments. Not showing up for two of your standing appointments may result in the cancellation of the remainder of your standing tutoring appointments. We understand that things may come up, but please be courteous and responsible and cancel your appointment in advance if you won't be able to attend.

If you have any questions regarding SSS Standing Tutoring Appointments please contact Lindsay Gonterman


SSS Writing Fellow
SSS Writing Services provides one-on-one tutoring in all written, oral, and multi-media projects. Students are encouraged to meet with the Writing Fellow at any point in the writing process: brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting, or revising. The goal of a writing consultation is to make progress on an assignment while also becoming familiar and comfortable with writing as a process. Writing consultations are interactive, and students should be ready to be involved in a collaborative process. Consultations focus on larger issues in the writing process, such as crafting an argument, organizing ideas, and conducting scholarly research. Writing consultations are not an editing service, and students should not expect the tutor to simply edit their papers for grammatical or stylistic errors. However, if grammar and style are a concern, the student can bring these issues to the consultant's attention and activities can be planned to help improve these areas over time.

Once an appointment has been made, students should plan to bring in any materials they have for the assignment, ranging from assignment directions, grading rubrics, instructor feedback, pre-writing, research, to drafts. Having everything available to discuss helps decide the best approach for completing the assignment successfully. The consultant holds day and evening hours to accommodate students' busy schedules. Online appointments are also available upon request. Appointments typically run about an hour, but are flexible depending on students' individual needs and concerns.

Lauren Wright-Jones is the SSS Writing Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year. To schedule an appointment with Lauren SSS students can email her at with the day and time they'd like the appointment. Lauren's spring 2017 hours are:

Tuesdays 8:00 am - 2:00 pm; 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Thursdays: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm; 5:30 - 9:00 pm



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