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What and Who We Are

Mission Statement

TRiO-Student Support Services (SSS) works with first-generation college students, those who come from a modest-income household, or students who have some type of disability throughout their time at Saint Louis University.

SSS provides resources and services these students need on their path to college graduation and whatever lies beyond. We achieve this by taking a holistic approach, meeting the student at their level of need, providing intensive academic advising, advocating for and with them, developing a sense of educational responsibility within each student, and celebrating the milestones along the way. Students are provided opportunities for cultural exploration, developing and furthering knowledge, forming relationships, and personal growth.

We are a like-minded community of educators and learners working together towards the goal of college graduation for everyone in line with the mission of Student Educational Services, the Division of Enrollment and Retention Management and Saint Louis University.

General Information

TRiO-Student Support Services (SSS) is a grant program funded through the Department of Education. SSS has been part of the Saint Louis University community since 1984, serving students and helping them each to become better men and women for others.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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