General FAQs

Student Fountain

Q.When are you open?

A. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Q. Who is my counselor? 

A. To contact your counselor, click here.

Q. Do I need an appointment to visit with a counselor?

A. No, an appointment is not necessary. We understand your schedules may be hectic, so we have counselors available 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Q. What is the cost or estimate of costs?

A. Each program or degree may have a different cost associated with it. To estimate your costs, click here.

Q. Why is my estimated family contribution (EFC) estimated at a certain amount, but I have to pay a different amount?

A. The estimated family contribution, also known as EFC, is a measure of your family's financial strength and indicates how much of your and your family's financial resources could be available to help pay for your education. The EFC is calculated from the information you report on the FAFSA. Saint Louis University uses resources from generous donors in addition to state and federal funds to provide you with your financial aid package. While our institutional funds provide a great deal of assistance to our students, our funds are also limited. Our awards to each family are equitably and ethically based upon the information given.

Q. I think my family makes too much money. Should I still apply?

A. All students, regardless of household income or assets will qualify for student loans. We recommend that all families complete a FAFSA before their first year of school for us to award the best financial aid package possible. The FAFSA takes many factors into consideration including household size, number in college, asset portfolio and more. In fact, families with more than $200,000 in Adjusted Gross Income have qualified for aid.

Q. When should I apply for summer financial aid?

A. The applications for summer aid are made available by the first part of April. 

Q. How do I accept my financial aid through SLU's online system?

A. Please click here to guide you through the process:

Q. I'm a returning student. When will I get my award letter? 

A. As a returning student, the award letter is e-mailed to your Saint Louis University email account. Award letters usually are e-mailed to students by mid-April depending on when a file is complete.

Q. Where is my refund and how much is it for?

A. Please contact your financial aid counselor to discuss your personal situation.

Q: What will happen if/when I drop a class?

A. Your financial aid counselor will be happy to guide you through this situation.

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