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Tuition, Room and Board Rates


** Rates subject to change **

Undergraduate Tuition
Undergraduate $38,700
Fees ***$526
English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) *$6,985
1818 Advanced College Credit Program **$65
Graduate/Professional Tuition
Graduate **$1,050
Athletic Training (M.A.T.) $36,370
Business (M.B.A. full-time one-year) $55,440
MIB - Executive Program, Annual $24,180
Business (M.B.A. part-time, M.ACC., MS-AFE., MS-SCM.)
Center for Advanced Dental Education $34,860
Health Informatics **$1,270
Law (full-time) $38,750
Medical $50,440
Occupational Therapy (M.S.O.T.) $36,370
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) $36,370
Physician Assistant ***$35,730
Social Work (M.S.W.) /Applied Behavior Analysis **$905
Adult Education Tuition
Professional Studies Undergraduate (St. Louis) **$620
Professional Studies Undergraduate - All active duty and veteran students who are TA or GI Bill benefit-eligible **$400
Professional Studies (Graduate) **$760
Madrid, Spain Campus Tuition
Four-year program (permanent students) *9,300 Euros
Study abroad, visiting and transfer students *11,000 Euros
MA (Masters in English or Spanish) **600 Euros
* per semester | ** per credit hour | *** annual average

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