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Fall Welcome FAQs

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How do I know what date to move-in to my residence hall?

Housing & Residence Life will let you know which day you are assigned to move into your residence hall room - Wednesday, August 19th  or Thursday, August 20th 2015. You can also check the Housing & Residence Life website for the listing.

What do I do if I can't move-in on my assigned date?

Both Wednesday, August 19th and Thursday, August 20th 2015 are move-in dates for new SLU students. Halls and floors are assigned to specific dates to balance the move-in flow; however, your room will be ready for move-in on either day. Please contact Housing & Residence Life with any specific move-in questions by phone at 314.977.2828 or by email at

How can I change my class schedule?

To change your class schedule, contact your academic advisor from SLU101. Contact the Student Success Center by phone at 314.977.3484 for the Busch Student Center or 314.977.8992 for the Medical Center.

If I'm a freshman commuter student, what parts of Fall Welcome do I need to attend?

All new students, residential and commuter, are encouraged to attend all aspects of Fall Welcome; however, there are several events and programs are required for all freshman students. Freshman commuter students should pay special attention to the Freshman Commuter Orientation.

If I'm a transfer student, what parts of Fall Welcome do I need to attend?

Transfer students are invited to attend all aspects of Fall Welcome. However, a few events designed specially for transfer students include First-Year Summer Reading Session, Transfer Student Orientation, Transfer Student Cook-Out, and the Spirit Competition.

Do I have to participate in all parts of Fall Welcome?

We encourage new students to participate in all programs and activities throughout the Fall Welcome schedule; however, there are several programs that are required for new students. These events and programs will be have a star next to them in the Fall Welcome schedule.

Where do I park on campus?

While guests are on campus for Fall Welcome, there is free parking in the Laclede Garage and the Olive Garage. For students who will be having a car on campus, parking permits can be purchased at Parking & Card Services at 314.977.3471 or by visiting DuBourg Hall, Room 33.

What do parents and families do during Fall Welcome?

Some activities and programs are designed for both students and families. There are also programs and activities from Wednesday through Friday afternoon of Fall Welcome for parents and families as well.

Where do guests stay overnight?

While families and guests are staying in St. Louis during Fall Welcome, there are many options available. One location near campus is Hotel Ignacio. Other hotel options can be found here.

Is there a fee for Fall Welcome activities?

There is no charge for Fall Welcome events. However, meals for guests and for students prior to the start of meal plans in either Griesedieck or Reinert Dining Center do have a fee.

Who can I talk to about arranging academic accommodations (extended time testing, note-takers, books on tape, medical disability support, etc.)?

If you received academic accommodations and/or used an IEP plan or a 504 plan in high school and want to discuss the possibility of receiving those accommodation supports at SLU, please contact Disability Services by calling 314.977.8885 or by visiting the Student Success Center located in Busch Student Center 331. The higher education accommodations process differs from the high school accommodation process, so pelase make sure to contact the office as soon as possible to understand the procedures. For more information on accommodations, please visit the Disability Services website.

What should I do if I still have any questions?

With general Fall Welcome questions, please contact the Student Involvement Center by phone at 314.977.2805 or by email at
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